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Safety Film

Window films are made using high-tech processes and their use with existing and new glazing systems can enhance your everyday working and living environment.Window films are not to be confused with tinted windows on vehicles and buildings.

Window films are used by architects and designers which use these glazing systems as a major part of construction. Window films enhance these systems to provide cost-effective solutions for energy savings all year round, but most of all, provide the user with a greater sense of safety and security.

Our product offers the following:

  • 150 Micron Thickness
  • 775 Colour Transmittance
  • 16 Solar Energy Absorbance
  • 065 Reflectiveness
  • 99 UV Block
  • Protects from glass splinters

At Clear View Security Solutions, we cater for the following market requirements: Smash and grab safety and security film for residential and commercial buildings. As well as various heat and sun resistant film for the architectural industry.