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Clearview Security DIY KITS

We offer the client a more affordable option should they be inclined to take up their weekend with a DIY project in order to safely secure their family and possessions from intruders.

This comes in the form of a DIY Kit that we will cut according to the client’s specifications.

We have attached a diagram below for the client to accurately take down the measurement of the project they are faced with. We require the outside width followed by the inside height to determine how many bars one needs at what particular length to get the job done.

After these measurements have been handed to us, we will then cut accordingly and package the kit together with the client’s choice of Black, Brown, Grey or White caps to cover the rivets/screws on the frame.

Our current pricing is set per running meter, which includes all accessories needed. This does however exclude courier charges that will be determined after the order has been placed for destinations outside of Johannesburg. Inside Johannesburg will be delivered free of charge.