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Armed Burglar Bars

The Armed Bar is a polycarbonate clear burglar bar that can be connected to any alarm system that is part of your home security system. The specially designed alarm wire is installed as part of the transparent burglar bar. The armed bar is connected to your alarm system and provides a 24/7 double perimeter protection at all your windows, doors and openings, so there are no nasty surprises when you and your family are relaxing at home. As it is permanently activated 24/7, this zone never needs to be specifically armed (as the alarm sensors do when you leave the house or go to bed).

Designed to be tamper-proof, Armed Bar™ virtually eliminates false alarms caused by animals, insects, tree branches, etc. and does not even have to be deactivated when opening or cleaning your windows or bars. This also means that you are fully utilising your existing alarm system, as it is now working even when you don’t set it deliberately.

How does it work?

An electrical pulse is sent from the alarm control panel through the wires installed on the transparent burglar bar strips. Should the wire be tampered with, broken or cut the alarm will be activated.

Some of the advantages of Armed Burglar Bars:

•    Works with all alarm systems

•    24/7 alarm & physical protection

•    Always active even when windows are open

•    Permanent armed zone at windows & security doors

•    No false alarms

•    Insect proof

•    Tamper resistant

•    Corrosion free

•    UV protected

•    10 year Warranty

All armed bars installed by Clear View Security Solutions™ are supplied by VIEWPROTECT™ only qualified installers are able to purchase & install armed bars.