New EziBar launch

With criminals becoming more astute towards their next targets security concerns, we have strived to find a cost effective solution for the client to minimize this threat.

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Our supplier, View Protect ( situated in Stellenbosch have worked tirelessly to find cost-effective solutions that does not falter on the overall quality. Due to a partnership with the worlds largest, and most respected, Polycarbonate supplier they are able to offer us Lexan Polycarbonate in all Armed and unarmed product offerings.

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What this means to the client, is 24/7 protection. Not only are you secured day and night, but there is no need for any metal bars going across your windows, spoiling that view you have worked towards. A person’s home is their refuge, and when that refuge feels like a prison, it is time to rethink one’s security.

The new product that has been introduced is called the EziBar. It takes our existing patented Armed Bar technology, and places it in a form factor that speeds up installation, and adding to the overall protection. With the additional inclusion of the magnetic strips for each solid pane, it provides additional security at a reduced cost.

At Clear View Security Solutions, we have seen the impact that Clear Bars are having in terms of freeing up one’s living space, and offering the solution we want - protection, without spoiling our view.

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