Clear View Security Solutions

as featured on September 9, 2016

We all want to live our lives both safe and free, and while being vigilant when out in the city is important, we don’t have to live like a prisoner in our own home. There are many burglar proofing options to choose from, including aesthetically pleasing ones. Just because you need to secure your home, it doesn’t mean that it has to look like a penitentiary! Clear View burglar bars™ are a great option if you want to keep your home safe, and you’ll never know they are there.

The Armed Clear View burglar bars™  system consists of Clear burglar bars that can be connected to any alarm system by making use of a fine electrical wire installed in a u-channel within the bar. These burglar bars allow you to keep your home 100% safe, without making you feel like you’re the criminal. If you just want the peace-of-mind of clear burglar bars, without having to connect them to a security system, you still have this option.

The Standard Clear View burglar bars™  are also available and have all the benefits of normal burglar bars, without the unsightly appearance.  The Benefits of Armed Clear Burglar Bars With the added security of being tamper proof, these burglar bars have invisible wires that release an electrical pulse from the alarm control panel. Should the wire be tampered with, broken, or cut the alarm will be activated. Plus, they won’t let your security system get triggered by pets or other animals.

This means that your family will be able to relax and feel secure. Clear View burglar bars™ are also corrosion free, so not only are they unobtrusive, but you won’t have to worry about ugly looking rust in your window. With a 10 year UV damage guarantee, the bars will also not discolour.